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High added value products

We offer quality products with high added value. We are engaged in developing new machinery and technology which are able to flexibly include into existing or newly built technologies.

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Engineering company based in Czech Republic

Tradition since 1870

Company Prokop Technology follows the more than 130 years tradition of engineering production in Pardubice as a supplier of machinery for corn mills, feed processing mills, grain silos, rendering plants and food insdustry equipment.
We are currently dealing with the Issue of SMARTCITY too. If you are interested in this Issue, please don´t hesitate and let us know.

Modern technological procedures

Prokop Technology ensures the production of machinery and equipment according to its own production and design documentation in the factories with perfect technological equipment.

High quality manufacturing

Prokop Technology offers supplies of investment units, reconstruction of technological lines, delivery of individual machines, spare parts and functional parts of individual devices. Based on customer requirements and needs, Prokop Technology performs warranty and post-warranty service, maintenance, technology upgrades and provides complex services including projection and advisory services, assembling of machines and technological units, operator training including.

Export to the whole world

Prokop Technology is mainly export oriented. Our company´s strategy focuses on quality and high technical and usable level of delivered goods.

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